Why Center of Excellence?


To create a Center of Excellence for victims of trauma from Ukraine. The Center will provide world class treatment and care for an optimal quality of life.




To create a Center of Excellence in Poland to treat wounded Ukrainian soldiers and refugees that in the future will contribute to re-establishment of care in Ukraine. Primary components of this center will be physical and mental rehabilitation, development of training programs for those functions, and research on improvements identified from these activities. The longer-term implications for this center could contribute to the Central and Eastern European region – including Ukraine.




This immediate mission will broaden as quickly as possible to an expanded mission that includes other trauma and Ukrainian refugees as well as soldiers and will result in an operating Center for Excellence for Polytrauma in Poland. Start-up actions for the expanded program will begin in March 2023 and will continue on a fast-start basis governed by the pace of the war.


The immediate mission is to provide treatment for Ukrainian soldiers who have suffered amputations. Completion of a pilot project and launching of a full program for soldier-amputees is planned for May 2023.

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"We are creating a concept that will be successfully introduced throughout Europe in the future."

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This initiative has begun with a limited number of Ukrainian soldiers as the first patients for both physical and mental rehabilitation. Focus on Ukrainian soldiers was decided for several reasons, the most important being a request from the Ukrainian government to facilitate in providing prosthetics for their soldiers, who are amputees, and also help in providing mental health services.

Tasks supporting the Immediate Mission

the logistics and protocols for transfer of patients across the Polish-Ukrainian border; establish delivery of physical and mental health rehabilitation services based on international guidelines.



protocols and processes for transfer of patients back to Ukraine including telehealth services; and finally develop a scalable and sustainable plan and budget.

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to a full life


Tasks supporting the Expanded Mission

Ultimately the plan is to develop a program that is transferable and sustainable in the Ukraine once combat operations have ceased.


In the interim there will be a phased approach to establish the appropriate processes for transport of patients; physical and mental health treatment; and implementation of training programs.

Experts from the US, Poland and Ukraine will be coordinated into working groups to adapt clinical guidelines that are appropriate for the local reality.

In parallel to the providing clinical treatment to the Ukrainians affected by the war the COE will work diligently to expand ongoing clinical trials in polytrauma, rehabilitation and mental health in order to advance medical knowledge and practice.

Major Characteristics

Proposed by the Center of Excellence

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Implement guidelines for establishing a physical and mental rehabilitation program

Create train trainer programs in physical and mental health rehabilitation

Serve as main center for coordinating research in polytrauma

Develop a telehealth rehabilitation program to increase access for patients and serve as source of reputable information for healthcare professionals

Adapt and implement culturally sensitive guidelines for physical and mental health rehabilitation

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We work with professionals

managed to the best standards of the National Center for PTSD and Veteran Affairs


Future Growth of this Program

The Center of Excellence will evolve into a regional Center and provide expertise in clinical care, research and development, and continuing education for healthcare practitioners. Involving Polish and Ukrainian experts at the onset of this project will ensure the sustainability and development of innovations and better future from major crises of all types.

In the Future

Partners of the Program

National Geriatrics, Rheumatology and Rehabilitation Institute

Central Clinical Hospital of the Ministry of Interior and Administration



Medical Society of Virginia

Baylor College of Medicine


National Center for PTSD, VA





Psychiatry and Neurology Institute

Ernst & Young

Miller Canfield

Knights of Columbus

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